Global First: Phytaphix leverage worldwide research performed in 19 countries for their most important product to date

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-COVMPAQ uses global scientific evidence to help with the battle against infections such as coronavirus

In a global first, Phytaphix, a new and multi-award winning, Irish nutrition company is leveraging worldwide research for their most important product to date. This research has identified specific food components which are documented in human research studies to help infections such as coronavirus. Phytaphix combine these nutrients in the optimal formats and dosages in their patent pending formula, COVMPAQ.

Phytaphix, founded by DR CONOR KERLEY launched their first health supplement, Immune Phix, as Ireland and the world was battling Covid-19. Immune Phix is for overall immune and energy support and Phytaphix have won 5 awards (including winner of their category in the prestigious World Food Innovation Awards 2021) for their work in the area of immune health and have now exported Immune Phix to 23 countries from their Irish base. However, Dr Kerley knew there was more he needed to contribute as the impact of Covid-19 has raged on.

His studies in the area led him to combine years of global scientific knowledge and recent human research in 2021 and 2022 among those with coronavirus to create a vital product, COVMPAQ, to help health areas crucial to those during and after infections including immunity, fatigue, psychological function, and function of muscles and nervous system.

Each nutrient in COVMPAQ has been scientifically documented to contribute to health. It comprises 7 vital ingredients proven to be effective:

Nutrient in COVMPAQ Equivalent in Food
Curcuminoids 44 teaspoons of curry powder
Organic, plant based vitamin D3 10 glasses of supermilk
Vitamin B12 8,000g (282oz) sirloin beef
Magnesium 53 broccoli florets
Piperine 42 sachets of black pepper
Ashwagandha 5,000mg Ashwagandha root
Quercetin 8.4 million cups of tea

For Dr Kerley, who is a multi award-wining doctor of nutrition from Dundalk, Co Louth, developing this product was something very close to his heart. He became interested in how diet affects the healthy functioning of our bodies, as he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2003, at the age of 15 (and later also allergic asthma). At the time Conor was training at a high level in basketball but had to put his dreams of professional sport on hold to focus on his health. He found that he was and still is able to keep his MS symptoms at bay with a healthy lifestyle, including a whole food, plant-based diet.

Following his diagnosis, Dr. Kerley finished school, studied human nutrition and dietetics at Trinity College and then completed his clinical doctorate with the School of Medicine at University College, Dublin. He worked in universities and medical centres in Dublin and America before lecturing in several areas, including food innovation.

During his research, Dr Kerley learned that most nutrition products on the market have no scientific evidence to back up their claims and set about creating Immune Phix which is a daily immune supplement designed to be added to any food or drink. COVMPAQ is the latest addition to the product portfolio and is available as capsules.

“Following the success of Immune Phix, we are proud to bring another health product to the Irish market which will help so many people. Like Immune Phix, COVMPAQ contains Irish ingredients and is manufactured and packaged here in Ireland. As a previous winner of Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur, I am a strong advocate for Irish enterprise. Our offices are based at DKIT in my hometown of Dundalk and we’ve been supported by the Louth Enterprise Office,” Dr Kerley said.

“As a clinician and nutrition researcher, it’s been a dream realised, to create such an important product which is based on gold standard, scientific research patients and has potential to really help those with or at risk of infections. Everything that goes into this product has a purpose and I’m excited to be able to bring COVMPAQ, a world first, to the Irish marketplace first.”

COVMPAQ is RRP €40 and is available from and select pharmacies nationwide.

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